Interview With Savanna the Dog




Harry: “Hi, folks! Today I’m bringing you an interview from another character in my new book, The Jamaican Mission. Her name is Savanna, and she is a curious mix of a Husky and Australian cattle dog. I normally have no use for dogs, but Savanna proved useful in a few ways. So, without further ado, Here’s Savanna.”

(A dog runs on the stage, mouth open, tongue out and panting wildly. She has sleek reddish-brown fur with beautiful markings. Her ears are abnormally long, which makes her expression comical, but her eyes are the first thing that people notice. One is blue, and one is brown.)

Harry: “Hi, Savanna.” (Harry was trying to be polite, after all, it was an interview and, he was the host of the show, but he couldn’t keep the edge out of his voice)

Savanna: “Hey, Harry! I’m so excited to be here!” (wiggling from her head to her tail)

Harry: (chokes out) “I’m glad you’re here.”

Savanna: (grins) “Really? It seems like you didn’t like me when you were in Jamaica.”

Harry: (rolls his eyes) “Yeah, okay. Shall we get on with it? I wouldn’t want to keep you from doing whatever you dogs do.”

Savanna: (sits down across from Harry and pants her excitement) “Okay, I’m ready anytime you are.”

Harry: “I’ll ask you the same question that I asked Bobby and Sox last week. Now that the mission is over, what are you doing with your time?”

Savanna: “Well, you know how great Jamaica is. I spend a lot of time on the beach. Sometimes Charlie takes me, and we play ball. I get to soak up that Jamaican sunshine.”

Harry: (getting restless) “Do you ever see the Beach Cats?”

Savanna: “Yeah, I see them all the time. They made me an honorary member!”

Harry: (unable to hide his shock and disapproval) “Really?”

Savanna: “You sound like you’re surprised.”

Harry: “It’s just that…[clears his throat] moving on. What was your favorite part of the adventure?”

Savanna: (takes a minute to think about it)

Harry: (rolls his eyes impatiently)

Savanna: (grins again) I guess I would have to say when you and I almost got caught by Charlie. 

Harry: (hates to admit) “ Yeah, that was pretty exciting. Well, it looks like our time is up for today. Thanks for coming, Savanna.”

Savanna: “Thanks for having me. It’s been fun.” (trots off the stage)

Harry: “Well, folks, that will do it for today. Next time, be sure to join us for my interview with the lovely Luna. Until then, don’t forget my first book, The Legend of the Pink Diamond, is on sale on Amazon, where you can also pre-order The Jamaican Mission. So long, everybody.”