What Are Harry’s Resolutions For 2020

fireworks (1)

It’s that time of year where everyone makes unnecessary demands on themselves, just to try to make others happy. Okay, last year I decided to make some changes of my own. It didn’t quite happen, so I will try again this year.

I’ve listed my resolutions below.

  1. I will cut down the number of trips to the Magic Cupboard (where my treats can be found).
  2. I will stop laying around like an old slug all the time.
  3. I will quit expecting everybody to do my bidding.
  4. I will quit procrastinating.

When do I have to change?  Now? I can’t.  I’m busy laying around the fireplace, getting my guardian to get me treats (and anything else I need).

Oh, heck. Who needs to change?  I’m purrfect as I am.