Harry’s Helpers in Greece

As I told you last week, I’m looking for cats to play parts in my next Harry the Wonder Cat book. This book is set in Greece, and I need lots of cats to fill the parts of the cats in the sanctuary. You have already met Loki and Lyla May, this week I want to introduce you to three more famous cats.


Barbara Waloven Chalie

Charlie is a loveable cat, which will come in handy when Harry needs a distraction.


Barbara Waloven Reginald Reginald

Midnight Barbara Waloven Midnight

Both Reginald and Midnight love watching TV. Will Harry train them to be his lookouts?


I have a lot more cats to introduce you to. See ya next week.

Remember, if your cat wants to join Harry and his Greek gang, post a picture with the name of your cat. Please include one personality trait. It promises to be an exciting trip.


The Inspiration For Harry the Wonder Cat



When I decided to create the character for Harry the Wonder Cat, I had to look no further than my Monkeyface, the first cat I ever had.  Twenty years ago, Monkey and I met and it was love at first sight. The big Maine Coon was the gentlest creature that I’ve ever known.  He was fiercely loyal to me and protected me from the people that he considered bad. (Cats are like that…they can smell trouble a mile off.) I, in turn, protected him from everything from the rustling of a paper bag (he hated paper bags) to the loud claps of thunder in the mountain sky.

Now, I know you’ll think that Harry doesn’t sound at all like Monkeyface, and you would be right when it comes down to fears.  After all, Harry isn’t afraid of anything. You must remember, however, Monkeyface didn’t have the powers that Harry has.

Other than being fiercely protective of their person, Maine Coons are among the largest domestic cat, (the biggest was a cat named Stewie,  who grew to be a whopping 48.5 inches. Harry’s 38 inches seem small next to him.)

While Harry grew to weigh over 30 pounds, Monkeyface weighed a mere 25 pounds. Maine Coons are known as the Gentle Giants of the cat world, but sometimes Harry uses his size to intimidate enemies.

I chose the Maine Coon breed for Harry the Wonder Cat in memory of my lovable Monkeyface who, in my mind, will always be my Wonder Cat.


A Day in the Life of Harry the Wonder Cat

Here’s a peek inside of day in my life. It starts in a huge victorian house, where all three floors belong to me. The manor house is a huge yellow Victorian with white gingerbread. It has hardwood floors in some rooms that are so slippery that, if I run fast enough and then lean just right, I can slide right into the next room. I love this game because it makes my charge, Nikki, and our roommate, Heather, laugh.

The most important cupboard in the house is the “The Magic Cupboard”. This is where my food and treats are kept.  All I have to do is sit in front of it and stare at Nikki, and she will feed me. Of course, if that doesn’t work I can always use my magical powers (as long as nobody’s around)!

In the afternoon, Heather gets my brush out and calls, “Brush, Harry, brush”.  I know then that she will brush my long, luxurious fur and I will trill and purr.  When she is done I head-butt her hand and rub my cheek against hers.

I can hardly wait until after dinner when I hear Nikki pick up a book, Agatha Christie is my favorite. She calls me to the living room where we share the purple chair that is soft and cuddly. The crackling of the fire in the fireplace is soothing as I listen intently to the sound of Nikki’s voice reading just for me.

Well, that’s an average day in my life at Harrot Reef Manor. I hope that you’ll come to visit us soon.

Next week:  Please join us for an interview with Sir Aslan, Harry’s grandfather.

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Interview With Luna



(Harry walks on the stage with a cocky stride. The audience notices something different about him, something in the coolness of his expression. Usually, his fur is wild, like a lion, but today it is brushed until it is silky. He walks up to the microphone with even more confidence than usual)

Harry: “Hi there, folks! I have one more interview to do, and out of the four, it’s the best one. Let me present the lovely Luna.”

(A beautiful petite tabby Bengal prances onto the stage. She is feminine, but has a mischievous twinkle in her eye)

Luna: (in a soft voice that was barely audible) “Hello, Harry. Nice to see you.”

(Harry impishly grins, tongue-tied. He seems to be far away)

(Luna nudges him under the table, causing him to come out of his dreamlike state)

Harry: (clears his throat) “Yes, I’m glad that you made it. So, tell us, what are your plans, now that The Jamaican Mission is through?”

Luna: “Well, I’ve been thinking about that. I suppose I’ll just laze around until the next mission, assuming you’ll allow me to tag along on your adventure.”

Harry: (winks at Luna) “You know I will.”

(Luna blushes)

Harry: “What was your favorite part of the mission?”

Luna: (without hesitation) “Why, meeting you, of course!”

Harry: (smiles openly) “Thank you, Luna. Because we don’t want to tell too much of the story, I need to cut your interview short. The folks at home will just have to read the book to see what happens.”

Luna: (bows her head gracefully) “Thanks for having me on, Harry. (she winks and lowers her voice to a whisper) I’ll see you later.”

(This time, it is Harry’s turn to blush as Luna turns to stroll off the stage.)

Harry: (regains his composure) “Thanks to all the people at home. Don’t forget, in celebration of Harry’s second book coming out, Amazon is having a sale on The Legend of the Pink Diamond. The Jamaican Mission is on for pre-order, as well. Until next time, be safe and happy reading.”


Interview With Savanna the Dog




Harry: “Hi, folks! Today I’m bringing you an interview from another character in my new book, The Jamaican Mission. Her name is Savanna, and she is a curious mix of a Husky and Australian cattle dog. I normally have no use for dogs, but Savanna proved useful in a few ways. So, without further ado, Here’s Savanna.”

(A dog runs on the stage, mouth open, tongue out and panting wildly. She has sleek reddish-brown fur with beautiful markings. Her ears are abnormally long, which makes her expression comical, but her eyes are the first thing that people notice. One is blue, and one is brown.)

Harry: “Hi, Savanna.” (Harry was trying to be polite, after all, it was an interview and, he was the host of the show, but he couldn’t keep the edge out of his voice)

Savanna: “Hey, Harry! I’m so excited to be here!” (wiggling from her head to her tail)

Harry: (chokes out) “I’m glad you’re here.”

Savanna: (grins) “Really? It seems like you didn’t like me when you were in Jamaica.”

Harry: (rolls his eyes) “Yeah, okay. Shall we get on with it? I wouldn’t want to keep you from doing whatever you dogs do.”

Savanna: (sits down across from Harry and pants her excitement) “Okay, I’m ready anytime you are.”

Harry: “I’ll ask you the same question that I asked Bobby and Sox last week. Now that the mission is over, what are you doing with your time?”

Savanna: “Well, you know how great Jamaica is. I spend a lot of time on the beach. Sometimes Charlie takes me, and we play ball. I get to soak up that Jamaican sunshine.”

Harry: (getting restless) “Do you ever see the Beach Cats?”

Savanna: “Yeah, I see them all the time. They made me an honorary member!”

Harry: (unable to hide his shock and disapproval) “Really?”

Savanna: “You sound like you’re surprised.”

Harry: “It’s just that…[clears his throat] moving on. What was your favorite part of the adventure?”

Savanna: (takes a minute to think about it)

Harry: (rolls his eyes impatiently)

Savanna: (grins again) I guess I would have to say when you and I almost got caught by Charlie. 

Harry: (hates to admit) “ Yeah, that was pretty exciting. Well, it looks like our time is up for today. Thanks for coming, Savanna.”

Savanna: “Thanks for having me. It’s been fun.” (trots off the stage)

Harry: “Well, folks, that will do it for today. Next time, be sure to join us for my interview with the lovely Luna. Until then, don’t forget my first book, The Legend of the Pink Diamond, is on sale on Amazon, where you can also pre-order The Jamaican Mission. So long, everybody.”