Welcome to Cat’s Pleasures.  This blog is created by me,  Denise, who has thumbs instead of paws, and my muses, Bowie (aka BoBo or Bo) and  Misha (aka Mi or Mimi), who are the real brains in this joint.

As for my experience, I have worked in a cat rescue as a webmaster, writer and an adoption volunteer.  I’ve also had cat columns in two newspapers, in which I discussed everything from different cat breeds to cat antics to short cat stories written by me.

Cats, as people who are owned by one know, are loving, affectionate animals…when they deem their person worthy. This blog is to delight people with cat antics, pictures and stories, as well as to try to give advise about cat behavior in general.

Disclaimer:   I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do have 20 years experience of being owned by cats, and have loved every minute!



We hope that you enjoy our little slice of a cat’s life.

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