What Makes Harry the Wonder Cat Tick?

We want you to know a bit about Harry the Wonder Cat and what makes him tick.  He is a Maine Coon, so we thought that we would give you a little background on the breed.

The Maine Coon cat,  otherwise known as “Gentle Giant”, is a special breed of cat…or so Harry says (and we all know how special he is).

Let’s start with the outer cat.  Maine Coons are extremely big for a house cat.  The average male Maine Coon typically weighs in at 15 to 25 pounds, but they have been known to be up to 35+ pounds.

They can get to be about 40” in length. (No, that ’s not a typo…40”!)  The world’s record is held by a beautiful Coon, Stewie, who measured 48.5”.  (Seems like a monster next to Harry’s puny 38”, huh?) Read more about Stewie.

Stewie – Longest Cat
Guinness World Records 2011
Photo Credit: Ryan Schude/Guinness World Records
Location: Reno, Nevada
Also Pictured: Stewie’s Owner Robin Hendrickson

There are some who claim that Maine Coons are the biggest or certainly one of the biggest domesticated cat breeds in the world.

Some other physical traits are:

1. Both their bodies and their heads are rectangular in build, unlike their smaller, sleeker counterparts.

2. A Maine Coon’s medium to long fur has three layers to it to protect them from the cold of Maine (hence the name).

3. Maine Coons have a luxurious mane that resembles a small lion.

4. The tail of a Maine Coon is long in length and covered in long, bushy fur.

5. As is true with Harry, a Maine Coon’s eyes have the wisdom of the ages, revealing natural intelligence.

6. Their ears are normally larger than their counterparts and have tufts of fur growing out of them.

7. Their paws are unusually large with tufts of fur between each “toe”.

8.  Maine Coons do not normally communicate like other cats.  When they talk to you, which is often, they do it by trilling and singing.

In this author’s opinion, male Maine Coons are certainly one of the sweetest breeds.  I know this from experience as my first cat was one. His name was Monkeyface, and Harry is based on him. Like Harry, he was ready to show off his comical antics at a moments notice. 

The Maine Coon has a mystery all their own based on many legends. We will share them with you in later posts.

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Next week:

Harry interviews Little Bea from his new book, “Harry the Wonder Cat: The Legend of the Pink Diamond”.  Please join us.

Harry the Wonder Cat: The Legend of the Pink Diamond

I am pleased to share with you the first chapter of the second edition of The Legend of the Pink Diamond. I am currently working it, and with any luck it will be out next year, along with the second and third books.

The next four posts will give you a sneak peek into the book. Harry, the gang, and I hope that you enjoy it.

Chapter 1



I looked around and saw nothing but the ocean waves. As far as the eye could see…white caps pounding the rocks. A light mist was in the morning air, and I could smell the sweet smell of cherry blossoms and see the wildflowers that popped out their colorful heads to greet the day.

It had been a very cold winter this year and I was grateful for my three layers of fur. Maine Coon cats were made for the cold, perfect for the freezing Maine weather, but I still preferred the spring.


This time, it was more insistent. “Over here.”

I turned to see my grandfather, who was twice as big as my fifteen pounds. My mother had told me that I came from a long line of huge cats and not to worry. Someday I will be big enough to be worthy of the name “Gentle Giant”.

I heard the story about my grandfather, Sir Aslan, and how he received his honorary title. He had proven himself worthy by saving the princess from drowning. Of course, everyone knows that Maine Coons are exceptionally good swimmers. Anyway, the Cat King showed his gratitude by granting Sir Aslan his knighthood.

“Grand…I mean, Sir Aslan.” I bowed in front of my grandfather, showing the respect that he deserved.

“Get up, Harry. I come to you today, not as Sir Aslan, but as your grandfather.” Sir Aslan was beaming. “You have been nominated for a knighthood and the Cat King is granting it.”

I was taken aback, shocked at the news.

“B-b-but, Grandfather, I never saved anyone like you did or…”

Sir Aslan held up his paw.

“Harry,” Grandfather Aslan stopped him. “The Cat King sees real promise in you, as do I.”

I humbly lowered my eyes.

“Now, hold on to me and I’ll take you to the Cat Kingdom.”

When I opened my eyes, I was in another world. As I gazed around me, I saw that the sky overhead appeared to be painted in pastel pinks, purples and blues. I marveled at the beauty of this magical world. I saw a rainbow shoot out from the ground and arc over the huge castle before me. The sky was full of glitter, and music could be heard—its origins seemed like everywhere and nowhere at once. This was the magical land that I had only heard about: the land of the Cat Kingdom.

“All of this is for you, Harry.”

Sir Aslan smiled, patted my head and advanced toward the gate house, which protected the castle within. He looked over his shoulder at me and harshly whispered, “Harry, come!”

I was shaken from my wonderment and ran to catch up with my grandfather. We slowly went through the gate house and I couldn’t believe the enormity of it. The cats who stood guard uncrossed their swords to let us in.

Once through the courtyard, we approached two more cats who were as still as statues. When we grew  nearer, the cats simultaneously bowed in reverence. 

“Sir Aslan.”

I was proud of the respect the other cats had shown for grandfather. 

Maybeoneday,they will bowto me! 

I followed my grandfather into the Grand Hall that seemed to go on for miles. On the stone walls were tapestries depicting the history of the most magnificent animals of all: cats. At each archway we went through, two cat guards stood straight and tall, saluting Sir Aslan.

Finally we reached a red carpet. Grandfather stopped suddenly and I followed suit, looking up to see a magnificent crowned cat on a bejeweled throne. I waited for, what seemed like a century, and then the Cat King motioned me forward. Grandfather gave me a reassuring pat on the back and nodded.

I took a deep breath, willed my legs to move, held my head high, and proceeded down the red carpet toward the King, as Grandfather looked on with pride. The King was wearing a royal blue robe, and had a scepter encrusted with rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds. I bowed down in front of the Cat King who took his regal sword, tapped me on each shoulder, and said, “I hereby dub you Sir Harry.”

I turned to see a tear fall from Grandfather’s eyes, as he quickly wiped it away.

“Sir Harry,  along  with  your  knighthood,  magical  powers are bestowed upon you. You may notice that you’re more aware of your surroundings, which will help you to provide extraordinary care and comfort to generations of humans. I am assigning the Johnson family to you. Only the first-born Johnson of each generation shall know of your powers, and only when you deem fit.”

A tall mirror was wheeled into the vast room, and looking into it I could see a family.

“The Johnsons will be under your care forever. You need to follow your instincts, now more than ever. Whatever you do, do  not let your powers be known to humans other than the first-born Johnson. You may not, under any circumstances, interfere with the deaths of the members of the family. In either case, you will be called out by me and stripped of your powers forever.”

 The King glowered at me when I said, “What—.”

After a time, he continued, “You have eternal life. You now have several powers, including the ability to communicate with the dead. You may also need to read from time to time, so you’ll be able to do that. You will now be able to go invisible when necessary. One of the most important new abilities is teleportation.”

The King noticed my confused looked. “What’s tel…tel…e… port…”

“Teleportation—the ability to vanish from one place and appear at another,” the King explained.

“How am I going to do all of these things?” 

The Cat King pointed behind me.

“With that.”

I turned around and couldn’t believe my eyes. In front of me was a pink diamond. It sparkled and shone unlike any other stone that I had ever seen.


“Just pick it up.”

I did as I was told. Suddenly, a warmth came over my whole body. I closed my eyes to savor the delicious feeling that was unlike any that I had felt in my whole life. When I opened my eyes and looked down at my paw, the diamond wasn’t there.

“What happened to it?”

The Cat King laughed. “It’s all right, Harry. It’s inside of you. You are The Pink Diamond. Use the magic that the diamond gives you, not only care for the Johnson family, but teach them what is important in life. Now go on, Sir Aslan will deliver you to your first assignment.”