Dead Wrong by Leighann Dobbs

Dead Wrong is the first of The Blackmore Sisters Series written by Leighann Dobbs.

This delightful cozy mystery series is about Fiona, Morgan, Celeste,  Jolene Blackmore and their cat,  who live in the family home in the small town of Noquitt, Maine.  

The first book of the series is Dead Wrong. It opens with one of the sisters, Morgan, and the town busy-body, Prudence, having words in front of the coffee shop. Unfortunately for Morgan, the patrons of the restaurant saw the two woman in an animated discussion and got the wrong idea. Everyone knew that Prudence despised the four Blackmore sisters and the feeling was mutual. Therefore when she turned up dead, Morgan was accused of doing the dirty deed.  The next thing she knew, she was in jail.

The sisters fretted over how they would get the money for Morgan’s bail.  In walks Belladonna.  This lovable cat has her own special way of helping to clear Morgan’s name.  When the other sisters try a little sleuthing on their own, they meet with nothing but trouble, until a handsome deputy comes to the rescue. Bella allows him to join her in helping the girls.

Dead Wrong is a fast read, as well as a charming story. I love the characters and will continue the series to find out what trouble the girls and Belladonna get into next.

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