2020 Kitten Super Bowl VII

2020 Kitten Bowl


When January 1st of every year comes around, I start to count the days until the Kitten Bowl. It’s always an exciting event, full of giggles, guffaws and a lot of “awws”. Since 2014, I have been entertain by these furballs tustling around a miniture football field. In this writer’s opinion it is one of the cutest Super Bowls around. It ‘s also the biggest adoption drive of the year…and it’s televised, as well! The game is presented in association with The North Shore Animal League America the nation’s largest no-kill shelter, and The Lasthope Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation

This year, over one hundred kittens were featured. The day before the game, I went on my computer to find if I could adopt one of the fuzzy kittens and I received a message that said “unfortunately, I was too late to adopt”. I think that is fortunate, don’t you?

For those of you that have not watched a Kitten Super Bowl, I will explain how the champions are determined. There are a total of three games. Four teams split up to play the first two games. The winners of those games go on to the third game. The winner of the final game will be the Kitten Super Bowl  champions.

2020 Kitten Supar Bowl 2

In the first game this year, the North Shore Bengals challenged the champs from last year, the Little Longtails. The last play of that game was made when Maverick of the Little Longtails recovered a fumbled and “ran” it in for a touchdown, making the final score the Little Longtails – 40 and the North Shore Bengals – 34.

In the second game the Last Hope Lyons took on the Courageous Cougars. The new expansion team, the Courageous Cougars squeaked by the Last Hope Lyons with a final score of 14 – 13.

Which brought the Little Longtails and the Courageous Cougars to game three and fight for the championship. In the last few seconds of the game, the Cougars made a sneak attack, surprising the Lyons and taking it in for a touchdown. The final score was Courageous Cougars – 57 and the Little Longtails – 51.

2020 Kitten Super Bowl 1

So, after a morning of cuteness, the Courageous Cougars were named the champs of Super Bowl VII, leaving this writer yearning to add to her cat family.

If you can provide a loving furever home, please contact your nearest shelter.

Click here to meet the kittens.

Click here for the players profiles.

Our thanks also goes out to:

Niagra Frontier Publications

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