All-Butter ShortDead by H.Y. Hanna



All-Butter ShortDead

By H. Y. Hanna

All Butter-ShortDead by H. Y. Hanna is a prequel to The Oxford Tearoom Mysteries Series. It’s about a woman named Gemma who leaves an executive career in Australia to go back to her hometown of Oxford, England and live out her dream of opening up a tearoom.

On the plane, she meets a woman named Jane. They were sitting next to each for twenty-four hours and there was nothing to do but share a little about themselves. When the plane finally landed, Jane seemed to be in a hurry to disembark from the plane, while Gemma waited until the crowd thinned out a bit. She noticed that Jane left her scarf on her seat, so she decided, since Jane told her where she was staying, to bring the scarf to her at her hotel.

When Gemma returned Jane’s scarf, Jane pleaded with her to stay and join her for a drink in the hotel bar. She got too drunk to find her way back to her room, so Gemma helped her. 

After she saw that Jane was safely in her room, Gemma went down to the reception desk and was just about to leave the hotel when a maid came out of the elevator saying that someone was dead. That someone turned out to be Jane. The police thought they had Gemma to rights, as she was the last to see Jane alive. 

When the news came out that Gemma was the only suspect in Jane’s murder, the bank  didn’t want to risk loaning her the money for her teashop. She was at the end of her rope.

Things go topsy-turvy when four of Gemma’s mother’s friends, who Gemma referred to as the ‘old biddies’, join forces to try to clear her name. 

Did Gemma make the right decision when she came home to Oxford? Is she going to be able to make her dream come true, or will she live in this nightmare forever?

This book was a pleasure to read. It is a fun, fast, cozy mystery that kept me laughing from beginning to end. I am now reading the first book of the series (All-Butter ShortDead is the prequel), and I am loving it just as much. All-Butter ShortDead gets five stars and is a book the will stay on my TBR list.

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