Hi, I’m Back with Great News!


I’m sorry that I was gone for so long, but I had a death in the family.  Now that the paperwork, etc from that sorrowful time is done, I find my self in a book deal.

The deal is for a series of cozy mysteries, co-starring Harry, the Maine Coon.  Harry is an amazing cat who is loyal to two lucky ladies, Nikki and Cassi.  In the first book, he saves the day by catching the criminal who, by the way, is holding one of Harry’s charges at gunpoint.

It should be a fun series that I hope you’ll enjoy!


4 Replies to “Hi, I’m Back with Great News!”

  1. Sorry for your loss. I know that’s hard.
    I’d be interested in seeing more about your Harry mystery — and if the picture us who you’re modeling him after, he’s GORGEOUS!


    1. Thank you. Yes, the picture is Harry, the wonder cat. He is slow to trust anyone, but finally he is the guardian of Nikki and Cassi. He absolutely HATES Sheriff O’Niel, who is trying to pin the murder on Nikki. You’ll have to read the book to find out just how far he will go to protect his charges.


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