Down with NaNowrimo!!!

 Mimi     BoBo

Well, it’s that time of year again.  The time when Mimi and I (BoBo) get sorely neglected.  In the month of November, Mom tries to write a whole book for something called NaNowrimo.

Someone should tell her that we are more important that some ol’ book.  Oh sure, we will still get fed, but where’s the love?  The cuddles?  Mom doesn’t even go to bed at night, so that I can sleep with her.  What am I supposed to do for a whole month?

Well, this year, Mimi and I are going on strike!  I say, if she ignores us…what’s good for the goose (or cat), is good for the…well, you know.  We’ll get her to pay attention, even if it means me attacking Mimi. (Of course, Mi doesn’t know about this plan.  I made it up on my own.  Pretty smart, huh?)

Wish us luck!

Head bonks from the boss cat, BoBo


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